How To Use Your Business Card To Get More New Customers

For most business owners, a business card is something that they put together just to look presentable to clients. But if you want to maximize the pulling power of your business card, you have to design it differently. There are all kinds of ways to pull this off, and this is something that this article will focus on.

Think about it. When you hand your business card to people, what is it really communicating? Is it an attempt to sell more of your products and services, or is it just another meaningless marketing tool that you are using to “get your name out there”? The bottom line is that most people don’t use business cards correctly, and I want to help you change that.

There are some elements of a good business card that you should follow, and I want to share some of these elements right now. Here’s the first element that your business card must have if you want to make it successful. This is something that can really help you out, so make sure you start using it today. Here’s the first element.

1) A business statement

With a business statement, all you’re doing is telling your prospects why they should do business with you instead of anybody else. This is something that will be hard to come up with especially if you’ve never analyzed your business in this way before. But it’s a crucial step if you want your business card to stand out from the pack.

On your card, give a one-line statement that sums up how you can help your prospects achieve their dreams or solve a problem. For example, on my business cards, I have the following business statement:

“How To Boost Your Sales By 20% In Just 20 Minutes”

Then after that, I list my website information, along with my email, and a 24-hour 1-800 number that they can call to find out more information, and to get a physical copy of the report themselves. You can do the same thing. Just make sure that your business statement is easily seen, but that it’s not too big where the rest of your information is hard to find. Here’s another tip for making your card a success.

2) Include an offer

With the right offer, you can’t go wrong. In fact, instead of a business statement, you should consider including a free offer on your business card just to really get the attention of your prospects. Your free offer could be a free report, a free sample, a free consultation, or anything else that would serve as a great free offer.

I like this technique because I get a lot of leads this way. Plus the rate of response is better also. If you have the time, see if you can come up with a free offer that will win over your target market.

These 2 business card marketing techniques will allow you to have the success and new sales that you dream of. It’s up to you to make it come to life.

Good luck with using these techniques to boost your business starting today.